Highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands

Every year between 5,000 and 7,000 highly skilled migrants come to the Netherlands. They make an important contribution to our economy. Since October 2004, a special Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme is applicable in the Netherlands. What are the regulations regarding highly skilled migrants?

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Mark Rutte revisits 30% tax ruling for expats

In the spring of 2018 the Dutch government announced that, in 2019, the maximum period of 8 years during which the Dutch 30% tax ruling may apply would be reduced to 5 years. Anger rose in the expat community – understandably. Today the Dutch Prime Minister came with a snippet of good news softening the blow.

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Termination of employment contracts by giving notice

Notice given with permission from the UWV

If the termination of the employment contract is (i) based on economic grounds or (ii) occurs after a period of illness of more than two years, the employer will first have to obtain permission from the Employment Insurance Agency (UWV) to terminate the employment contract. Notice given without permission of the UWV is null and void.

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