Redundancy proceedings and settlements

Employment law 2020

Redundancy proceedings and settlements

Dutch employment law offers a high degree of protection to employees working in the Netherlands.  Such protection comes to the fore in the event that an employer wishes to terminate an employee’s employment contract. An employer who intends to dismiss an employee is required, by law, to comply with several strict rules and regulations.

Many rules have changed in 2015. Unfortunately, the Dutch legislator failed to simplify the complicated rules. Further adjustments have been and are applicable as of January 1st 2020.

We have put together a concise brochure discussing (A) giving notice during a probation period or with immediate effect,  (B) the termination of employment based on ‘reasonable grounds’ either with permission from the so-called UWV or by the courts, (C) fixed-term contracts, (D) Settlement Agreements (often referred to as ‘Termination Agreements’), (E) the rules concerning the transitional allowance and the severance pay.

For a summary of the new rules (2020) of Dutch Employment and Dismissal Law please click here. Arnoud Noordam gave a short lecture on this topic for IN Amsterdam on their Work & Careers seminar, you can find the presentation here.

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